Ortho is the new standard in hospitality bedding


Drawing on more than six decades of family-owned, industry-leading experience and a “client-first” mentality, we are committed to providing personal service, world-class products, and dedicated attention to our hospitality clients.
  • People

    From the factory floor to the corporate office, we invest in our employees at every level, supporting their advancement and success each step of the way.

    Our client-first approach by offers our hospitality guests the same personalized service, custom personalization, streamlined ordering and purchasing, expedited delivery, and installation that a retail customer would receive.

    We have the highest quality coils and construction in the business. Unlike most mattress makers, Ortho makes its own coils and assembles their own spring systems to ensure they are the finest in the world.

    Year after year, our cutting-edge research, design and engineering teams continue to generate breakthrough innovations that advance mattress science.
  • Why Choose Us

    Founded on integrity, innovation, and service, Ortho is focused on providing luxury, independent, and boutique hotels a simple, cost-effective, and premium sleep solution.

    10-year replacement warranty

    Family owned and American made

    Fully customizable

    Quick production and delivery


Every Ortho mattress is made with the world’s best materials and newest, most exclusive technologies. Our Just Made™ Promise is a commitment to ensuring we provide the finest workmanship, the strongest construction, the smartest sourcing practices, and the best sustainability practices in the industry. We take pride in being one of the few manufacturers in America to make our own innersprings.


Every Ortho mattress features our SolidState™ Edge support or foam core technology offering strength from edge-to-edge. The most powerful edge support on the market, this strong and durable foam envelopes our coil structures and increases the longevity of our mattresses, eliminating roll-off and creating a comfortable experience for guests.


A revolutionary material that feels 40 cooler to the touch than the average mattress creating a more comfortable sleeping environment. It is scientifically proven that people fall asleep faster and get a better, deeper sleep in a cooler environment. Our CoolQuit™ technology is available in a wide range of innerspring, hybrid, and all-foam mattresses.


Based on the science of aromas and essential oils, which have been used for thousands of years to promote health, relieve stress, and enhance romance, Entice™ is infused with aromatherapeutic technology. Our proprietary micro-technology enchants the guest with a gentle, romantic blend of aromas that set the mood for an unforgettable night.

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Trip Advisor Reviews

  • "The bed is again one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in, the cotton sheets feeling like silk against the skin and the robes are like nothing I’ve worn before, exquisite."

    Colony Palms | Palm Springs, CA, Guest

  • "... All of the hotels I’ve listed have great beds but Casa Laguna’s beds and sheet are at the top even when compared to the industry leaders. The breakfast is the best and is inclusive."

    Casa Laguna | Southern California, Guest

  • "The bed was extraordinarily comfortable - pillows and linens were great too."

    Casa Laguna | Southern California, Guest