Through the years of development and manufacture we’ve built in into our mattresses many improvements, which makes them unique.
And of course better than the rest.


FROM $289

Our best-in-class 4½” high density foam encasement guarantees more sleeping surface of your mattress and reinforces the entire 360-degree border to provide stability while getting in and out of bed. Additional support surrounding our pocketed coils protects the longevity of the mattress. Edge Width: 4½"


FROM $1290

OrthoPlex™ is firm where you need it and soft where you want it, allowing the body to rest in its proper sleeping posture. With 7 zones of dynamic resiliency, OrthoPlex™ is able to provide precise support and pressure relief from head to toe. Our Gel-Infused Avant Memory Foam features excellent pressure relieving benefits in addition to improved surface airflow that helps dissipate body heat and regulate mattress temperature throughout the night.

Cool Quilt™

FROM $2270

In response to an overwhelming majority of our customers desiring a cooler mattress, Ortho is proud to introduce Cool Quilt™ fabric. This exciting innovation creates a climate-controlled surface, providing a more desirable sleep temperature. Scientifically proven to keep you 4° cooler, Cool Quilt™ helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Quilting Layer Breakdown: COOLQUILT™ 1½" Convoluted CertiPUR Foam ½" Avant MemoryFoam

Horsehair latex

FROM $2500

Horsehair is one of the original materials used in mattresses, dated back to the 1800s. Horsehair has since been substituted with synthetic fiber due to cost and can only be found now in world class premium mattresses. Horsehair is not only natural but offers a grade A level of durability and breathability that can NOT be matched from synthetic fibers. Also featuring: • Talalay Latex • 7 zoned Orthoplex™ Foam • Gel-Infused Memory Foam

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adjustable bases

Are you sleeping in the correct ergonomical position? Doctors recommend sleeping with the head and feet raised higher than the heart. Adjustable beds can help with a number of health issues, like physical pain, snoring, sleep apnea, poor circulation, swelling, acid reflux, and post-surgery recovery.

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Ortho Mattress: Family Mattress Makers for 67 years

Because we handcraft our own mattresses and sell them in our own stores, our customers get factory-direct pricing with no middleman mark-up. That’s how we provide better mattresses, better service, and lower prices than our competitors.

Ortho also leads the industry in the development of amazing new mattress technologies, like CoolQuilt™, Entice™, SolidState™, and Titan™.