Ortho Mattress®: Who We Are


Ortho Mattress Prides Itself on Making The World’s Finest Mattresses, Selling Them at Factory-Direct Prices and Delivering Faster than Anyone


At Ortho Mattress, we make the world’s finest mattresses and sell them at unbeatable prices.

Because we handcraft our own mattresses and sell them in our own stores, our customers get factory-direct pricing with no middleman mark-up. That’s how we provide better mattresses, better service, and lower prices than our competitors.

Ortho also leads the industry in the development of amazing new mattress technologies, like CoolQuilt™, Entice™, SolidState™, and Titan™.

With decades of experience, generations of loyal customers, and over 60 convenient locations to serve you, we’re proud to be Southern California’s most beloved, highest ranked, family-owned mattress company.

Come visit us at your local Ortho Mattress store and discover why so many Californians love buying their mattresses from us.


Here’s a quick timeline of our six-decade journey to becoming the best mattress company in the world.

  • 1957 Ortho was founded in Gardena, California
  • 1996 Ortho merged with W. Simmons Industries
  • 1997 The Company is renamed WE Bedding
  • 1998 The Karmin family’s High Street Holdings acquires the company
  • 2002 Ortho Mattress reopened its own factory in Cerritos, CA
  • 2004 The company is renamed Ortho Mattress
  • 2006 Ortho Mattress acquires the assets of Simmons Mattress Gallery
  • 2007 Ortho Mattress moves all manufacturing to California
  • 2008 Ortho Mattress headquarters moves to La Mirada, CA
  • 2012 LA Times readers name Ortho Mattress the 'Best Mattress Store'
  • 2016 Exclusive CoolQuilt™ technology is introduced
  • 2017 Entice™ and horse hair are introduced
  • 2018 Expanding to Arizona and introducing new components to the market
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