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Adjustable Beds start at just $799


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The Serta Pivot adjustable foundation
The Serta Pivot™ adjustable foundation
 TEMPUR-Up Foundation
TEMPUR-Up Foundation
Ortho-Slat Adjustable
* 20 Year Limited Warranty
* Fully customizable head and foot positioning
* Adjustable height
Basic Plus Adjustable Power Base
* Backlit wireless remote.
* Wall saving feature
* Whisper quiet lift system.
* Fits most modern bed frames and headboards.
* 20-year limited warranty.
Ortho Deluxe Adjustable Power Base
* ProGrip Technology
* Bluetooth®
* Zero-gravity
* Anti-snore
* Headboard brackets included
* Backlit wireless remote
* 20-year limited warranty
TEMPUR-Ergo™ Plus Adjustable Base
* Wireless remote
* New Memory buttons for 2 memory positions
* New Optional leg heights
* New Improved aesthetics fit your bedroom design
Serta Motion Perfect III Adjustable Base
* Wall saver
* Wireless backlit remote
* Zero G® Preset Position
* Adjustable head section and neck positions
* 3 preset positions
* Smooth Power™ Lifting System
* One-button stop safety feature
* Bluetooth technology
Ortho-Move Adjustable Base

* Ortho-Exclusive Chez Tilt Function
* Fully customizable head and foot positioning
* Dual High Intensity Massage
* Wireless Remote
* 10 year NPR Warranty
* Adjustable height

Supreme 8Q Adjustable Base
* 25 Year Limited Warranty
* Zero Gravity and Anti Snore pre-programmed positions
* 3 Pre-programmed massage wave modes
* Whisper quiet lift system
* Wall saving feature
* Ergonomic wireless backlit remote
* Mobile device compatible
* Fits most modern bed frames and headboards
* Fully customizable head and foot positioning
* 2 USB port AC outlets to charge devices
TEMPUR-Ergo Premier Base
* 4 individual massage programs
* WiFi remote control
* New Improved frame and structure
* Ergo-Link™ feature keeps split bases completely in sync
* Massage Capability
Serta iComfort Motion Custom II Adjustable Base
* Adjustable Lumbar Support
* Head Tilt for Head and Neck Comfort
* Massage for Head and Feet
* Wireless Backlit Remote
* Convenience Lighting