There are 5 key benefits of healthy sleep:

  • Improved health and immunity
  • Improved mood and stress reduction
  • Improved energy and productivity
  • Improved focus and alertness
  • Improved appetite control

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t get a healthy night’s sleep for a variety of
reasons, including mattresses that don’t provide proper support and comfort.

At Ortho Mattress, we’ve scientifically engineered our mattresses to provide optimum sleep conditions and address all the issues competing mattresses can present.


Sleep Challenge #1: A Warm or Hot Bed?

Science has proven that people fall asleep faster and sleep deeper in a cooler sleep environment. On the other hand, a warm sleep environment causes people to toss and turn, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep Solution #1

Ortho’s CoolQuilt™

Ortho’s revolutionary CoolQuilt™ mattress has an advanced fabric that stays cool to the touch, for a comfortable sleep environment.

In a recent consumer survey, 94% of the participants found that CoolQuilt was noticeably cooler to the touch than a competing “cool mattress.”

Additionally, an independent survey confirmed that CoolQuilt is cooler than traditional cotton or polyester fabrics.
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Sleep Challenge #2: Discomfort from Poor Support

Many mattresses don’t provide the proper support that your body needs to stay comfortable. Poor support becomes even more of an issue with body pains or over time as inferior mattresses begin to sag.

Sleep Solution #2

Ortho Mattresses have the highest quality coils and construction in the business.  Unlike most mattress makers, Ortho makes its own coils and assembles their own spring systems to ensure they are the finest in the world.  Our Titan™ System is the industry standard for excellence, providing more high-quality support springs than any other competitor.

Even on our most economical models, we include SolidState™ Construction to provide added side support and structural integrity.
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Sleep Challenge #3: Discomfort or Complications from Existing Medical Issues

Sometimes, people have pains that can be exacerbated by their physical position.  Other times, certain medical conditions, like hypertension, snoring, GERD, etc. may call for an elevated head or torso.

Sleep Solution #3

Adjustable Beds and Pressure Relief Pillows

Ortho Mattress offers a variety of adjustable beds that can elevate your head or legs at the push of a button to a position.  For couples, we offer adjustable bed solutions that enable different custom settings for each side of the bed.
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Sleep Challenge #4: Movement by Bed Partner

When two people share one bed, the motion transfer of one person can disturb or awaken the other.

Sleep Solution #4

Ortho’s Stable Mattress Systems

Ortho mattresses are built for stability to minimize motion transfer. Both our spring and foam mattresses promote a calm, minimal movement sleep environment.
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Sleep Challenge #5: Stress Before Sleep

Many people struggle with bedtime stress that makes it hard to fall asleep.

Sleep Solution #5


Entice™ from Ortho Mattress creates a calming, soothing sleep environment.  Many customers compare the aromatherapeutic benefits of Entice to a relaxing visit at a luxury spa.
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