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Introducing the OrthoBed

All beds are not created equal. Especially online. We've created a Firm, Medium, and Plush Bed that can ship anywhere in the country designed for your different sleeping positions.


More Support, Less Cushion
Best For Stomach and Back Sleepers


Balanced Support and Cushion
Best for Tossers and Turners


Lots of Cushion
Best for Side Sleepers

The CoolQuilt Pillows

Proprietary Cooling material made 3 ways



Bouncy Latex Foam
Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers



Conforming Memory Foam
Best for Tosser and Turners



Cozy Microfiber
Best for Side Sleepers

Adjustable Base

Are you sleeping in the correct ergonomically position? Doctors recommend sleeping with the head and feet raised higher than the heart. Adjustable beds can help with a number of health issues, like physical pain, snoring, sleep apnea, poor circulation, swelling, acid reflux, and post-surgery recovery.

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