Every Ortho Mattress is JustMade™ with

  • The World’s Best Materials
  • The Latest in Ortho Technology
  • The Finest Workmanship
  • The Strongest Construction
  • The Best Sustainability Practices
  • The Smartest Sourcing Techniques
  • The Highest Level of Pride And Passion


Ortho leads the mattress industry in the development of amazing new technologies. Year after year, our cutting-edge research, design and engineering teams continue to generate breakthrough innovations that advance mattress science. Here are some of the latest advances that you’ll only find at Ortho.

CoolQuilt ™

The World’s Coolest Mattress

Entice ™

The Mattress to Enhance Romance

SolidState ™

The Most Powerful Edge support (spring Beds) and Core Support (foam beds)

Justmade ™

The Superior Spring System


The finest products in the world are made by hand.

So while other companies cut corners with automated assembly, all Ortho Mattresses are handcrafted by expert artisans in our Southern California facility.

Every detail, in every inch, of every Ortho is JustMade™ by hand to the highest standards.




While most mattresses look similar to the naked eye, Ortho Mattresses are different inside.

We build our products to last, so every Ortho Mattress is JustMade™ with the finest quality construction.

We offer Titan™ Spring Systems that provide superior support, more springs, and longer life than any other spring units.

We use SolidState™ Construction to make sure edges don’t sag and mattress structure is never compromised.

Even our lowest priced models feature open channel support beams to stabilize movement and provide lasting support.

And to ensure that every single Ortho Mattress is JustMade™ to last the test of time, we construct our mattresses by hand and meticulously inspect each one before it’s shipped.


Ortho leads the mattress industry in environmentally friendly practices, and every Ortho Mattress is JustMade™ in a sustainable way.

To start, we have a very low carbon footprint because we make and sell our products locally. Our commitment to “sell local” matches the “buy local” movement to use less packaging and fewer fossil fuels. We recycle almost 100% of our scrap materials.

To keep old mattresses from going to landfill, we offer free pickup and recycling of customers’ old mattresses when we deliver their new Ortho Mattresses. We recycle the packaging of every new mattress we deliver.

And in 2017, we will introduce OrthoPad™, a next-generation product that upcycles nylon Christmas tree scraps into a comfortable layer of support.




At Ortho Mattress, we’ve invested in our own in-house capabilities so we can produce many of the world’s finest mattress materials ourselves.

For any materials we don’t make, we prefer sourcing natural, sustainable materials from local and US suppliers. We also have buying agents around the world looking for the finest materials available.

Our customers sleep easy knowing very Ortho Mattress is JustMade™ with the finest materials available anywhere.

Pride and Passion

At Ortho, we love making the world’s best mattresses and seeing smiles on the faces of our happy customers.

We take pride that every Ortho Mattress features the handcrafted touch of our skilled artisans and the advanced technologies of our visionary engineers.

We feel very fortunate that we make what we love, and that people love what we make.

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