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The Grand Reserve collection is the gold standard in quality materials like wool, horse hair, natural latex and high strength steel. Our certified craftsman meticulously hand tuft each model to ensure a lifetime of quality and comfort.

Adjustable Compatible
Adjustable Compatible
Special Price $3,499.99 Regular Price $3,499.99
Hand Built
Hand Built

Attention to detail from start to finish

Ortho Technology
Ortho Technology

The most technologically advanced Ortho mattresses

Designed and Built in Arizona
Designed and Built in Arizona

Ortho mattresses are manufactured in our Arizona factory

Wool is a natural fiber that is resilient and pliable allowing it to be upto 10x more durable than cotton. Wool is resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. Wool is also impressive with temperature regulation, helping you stay cool when you’re hot and helps keep you warm when you’re cold.
Horsehair is one of the original materials used in mattresses, dated back to the 1800s. Horsehair has since been substituted with synthetic fiber due to cost and can only be found now in world class premium mattresses. Horsehair is not only natural but offers a grade A level of durability and breathability that can NOT be matched from synthetic fibers. Also featuring: • Natural Latex • 7 zoned Galaxy Foam
Our best-in-class 4½” high density foam encasement guarantees more sleeping surface of your mattress and reinforces the entire 360-degree border to provide stability while getting in and out of bed. Additional support surrounding our pocketed coils protects the longevity of the mattress. Edge Width: 4½"
Design theory based off one of natures strongest structures, the honeycomb, Ortho's offset coil unit is tremendously durable. Coils are packed closely throughout the entire mattress, resulting in a higher coil density that greatly reduces motion transfer. By distributing weight across each coil more evenly, our mattresses provide better back support and can last longer.

Manufacturer Information

Ortho Mattress- "Unparalleled Quality, Better Prices"
Ortho Mattress celebrated its 63rd anniversary in 2020. We are very proud to provide consumers the highest standard in mattress manufacturing at factory-direct prices. Our mattresses are designed and built in our Phoenix, Arizona factory.

10-Year Full Replacement Warranty
Ortho builds beds to the highest standards of quality. However, we do realize things can still go wrong. If a mattress is defective, our customers can take advantage of our industry standard 10-year full replacement warranty. Learn more about our warranty policy here.

CertiPUR Foam
Not only does Ortho focus on making world-class mattresses at factory-direct prices, but we also spend diligent hours on maintaining the highest industry standards for safety in our products. All Ortho Polyurethane Foams are free of formaldehyde, flame retardants, prohibited phthalates and heavy metals and also meet low-VOC standards for indoor air-quality. Learn more about the eco-friendly certification process Ortho foams go through.


More Information
Profile 13"
Brand Ortho
Type Innerspring
Comfort Level Firm
Body Impression for Replacement 1"
Motion Transfer Low
Dimensions Twin- W: 38 L: 74
Twin XL- W: 38 L: 80
Queen- W: 60 L: 80
Full- W: 54 L: 74
Full XL- W: 54 L: 80
King- W: 76 L: 80
Cal King- W: 72 L: 84
Split King- W: 38 L: 80
Split C. King- W: 36 L: 84
Warranty 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty
Manufacturing Location Phoenix, AZ
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