Continental Hybrid -Floor Model


Continental Hybrid -Floor Model

The Continental Hybrid is offered in the 3 most popular comfort level. Firm for the stomach and back sleepers, Luxury Firm for those that toss and turn, and Plush for those that sleep on your side and enjoy the contouring and pressure relieving qualities of a softer feel. Features include Inline Wrapped Coils for individualized support and topped with our highest-density world-class Modern Memory Foam. CoolQuilt™ will enhance your sleep by keeping the mattress 4° cooler compared competing mattresses.

Enhance your sleep with an Ortho adjustable base. Whether you want to reduce snoring, reduce back pain or simply just relax in bed to watch your favorite shows, an Ortho adjustable base will get the job done!

This product is a floor sample and sold as-is with no warranty

Adjustable Compatible
Adjustable Compatible
Cool Quilt
Cool Quilt
MSRP $0.00
Special Price $999.99 Regular Price $2,199.99
4° Cooler
4° Cooler

Creating a cooler sleeping environment at the surface

Ortho Technology
Ortho Technology

The most technologically advanced Ortho mattresses

Designed and Built in Arizona
Designed and Built in Arizona

Ortho's mattresses are manufactured in our Arizona factory

In response to an overwhelming majority of our customers desiring a cooler mattress, Ortho is proud to introduce Cool Quilt™ fabric. This exciting innovation creates a climate-controlled surface, providing a more desirable sleep temperature. Scientifically proven to keep you 4° cooler, Cool Quilt™ helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
Avant Memory Foam features open cell structure that provides pressure relieving qualities to ensure sleep comfort for all body types and sleeping positions. This foam evenly distributes body weight across the mattress surface to avoid numbness and improve blood circulation.
Our best-in-class 4½” high density foam encasement guarantees more sleeping surface of your mattress and reinforces the entire 360-degree border to provide stability while getting in and out of bed. Additional support surrounding our pocketed coils protects the longevity of the mattress. Edge Width: 4½"
Hundreds of our individually wrapped coils are hand-placed in-line in the mattress, with great care and precision to provide the best in quality assurance. This placement allows each coil to move independently, enhancing targeted support while reducing motion transfer.

Manufacturer Information

Ortho Mattress- "Unparalleled Quality, Better Prices"
Ortho Mattress celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2022. We are very proud to provide consumers the highest standard in mattress manufacturing at factory-direct prices. Our mattresses are designed and built in our Phoenix Arizona factory.

CertiPUR Foam
Not only does Ortho focus on making world-class mattresses at factory-direct prices, but we also spend diligent hours on maintaining the highest industry standards for safety in our products. All Ortho Polyurethane Foams are free of formaldehyde, flame retardants, prohibited phthalates and heavy metals and also meet low-VOC standards for indoor air-quality. Learn more about the eco-friendly certification process Ortho foams go through.


More Information
Support Structure Inline Wrapped Coils
Edge Support SOLIDSTATE™ Edge Support
Comfort Layers Avant Memory Foam
Profile 12"
Brand Ortho
Type Hybrid
Motion Transfer Low
Sleeper Type All
Warranty None (Floor Models Sold AS-IS)
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