Bad sleepers have ended a lot relationships, but nobody ever complained that their partner was sleeping too still.

By: JLong | February 6, 2020

We’ve all had restless nights spent tossing and turning, exploring every sleep position to see if it might allow us a bit of actual shut-eye. What gives? First and foremost, if you’re experiencing external stressors or illness in your daily life, then it’s important to check for symptoms of sleep disorders like insomnia. Otherwise, there are two very common sources to your washer-like agitation: your mattress and…your mattress.

Why Are You Tossing and Turning?

Ask yourself this question first: how old is my mattress? If you’re evolving into a flopping fish out of water every night, the issue may be the springs in your bed exerting too much pressure on your body, or, the foams in your mattress breaking down. In other words, that ancient mattress may just be worn out at this point.

As a result of time and/or poor design, an old-school mattress will begin to wear out with usage. The foam loses its consistency, and the springs begin to protrude and attack all of your pressure points. When pain develops across your neck, shoulder, and/or back, finding a single sleep position is bound to be tough.

And of course, the other culprit for your sleepless nights may also be your loved one shuffling around next to you. Yet still, as Sonny in the Godfather said it best: “we go to the mattresses.”  This is because mattresses built on traditionally connected springs are vulnerable to motion transfer. So every time you or your partner shifts, a domino effect is produced across the coils, causing the other person to feel any movement. Thankfully, with modern technology, you and your partner will no longer have to wake up at the slightest adjustment.

What Tossers and Turners Should Look Out For

Before anything, don’t forget to consider your mattress size. If you’re wide awake with the rhythm of every breath that your college sweetheart takes, then it could be that it’s time for an upgrade from the Twin XL bed of your dorm room days. A larger mattress is an important part of the solution to partner disturbance.

If size isn’t the issue, then perhaps what you’re missing is a mattress offering balanced support. Tossers and turners need a bed firm enough to absorb body motion and provide support for proper body alignment, yet sufficiently soft to nicely cushion the points of contact between body and mattress.

To achieve firmness, it’s important to consider a bed that takes advantage of updated coil technology. For example, Ortho’s selection of advanced innerspring mattresses trades in antiquated coil patterns for individual coils. This prevents the domino effect that occurs in traditional springs. As a result, motion transfer is reduced, and most importantly, you get to sleep as soundly as Snoopy.

How NASA Keeps Your Relationship Going Strong

Another option is the genius innovation that is memory foam (seriously, this material was engineered by the folks at NASA). Conveying a zero-gravity sensation, memory foam beds reduce the sinking feeling of spring mattresses. Instead, a memory foam mattress will adapt to the contours of your body and remain virtually still at any movement.

The memory foam technology has come a long a way from the catch-all “wine glass won’t spill” test. Even with the arrivals of cooling gels, latex and denser iterations, memory foam has consistently remained true to its roots with its ability to keep your sleeping partner asleep. Even as they roll around, you will remain nearly perfectly still.

But If I Don’t Love Memory Foam

If you aren’t quite ready  want the best of both worlds? That’s where hybrid mattresses come into the picture. Hybrid mattresses offer the comfort and pressure relief of foam while incorporating the zone support of innerspring coil technology. Typically on top of an innerspring core, you can choose to either layer your hybrid mattress with memory foam for a unique zero-gravity sensation, or latex, for a more buoyant experience.

At the end of the day, each of these options provides a distinct feel, and it is up to your personal preferences to determine an ideal match. Check out our Firmness Scale, or visit one of our showrooms, to try out the bed that’s right for you.

Our 3 Favorite Mattresses for Restless Sleepers


Mattress Image

Pembridge Luxury Firm Pillow Top

From the exclusive Reserve Collection, this innerspring mattress includes our industry-leading offset coil technology that optimizes the spring structure so that there’s no dead space between each coil. This configuration provides superb balanced support, especially for those who toss and turn. A layer of gel-infused memory foam delivers true comfort while the Tencel Cover material promotes cooler sleep.


Mattress Image

Continental Firm

One of our most popular hybrid mattresses provides the pressure point relief of memory foam and the supportive resilience of coils, making this bed responsive to your every toss and turn. CoolQuilt Fabric helps keep your sleep experience cool, calm, and collected.


Mattress Image

Lansdowne Luxury Firm

Those looking to calm the toss and turning waters should consider the innovative solutions offered by this mattress. Layers of High-Density Avant Foam and Dunlap Latex promote the highest levels of comfort while Ortho-Enhanced Zone Support produces resilient support. The CoolQuilt™  Fabric exterior fosters cooler sleep.