We may have to rewind the tape all the way back to that first snore.

By: JLong | February 6, 2020

Are you agonizing through the evening, struggling to overcome your incessant snoring? Or worse, lying awake listening to your partner’s foghorn? Fortunately, you are not alone. Roughly half of all people snore during their lives. About 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers. That’s a lot of sleep hours pillaged and buried in a snoring graveyard.  Fortunately, almost all causes of snoring have solutions. Unfortunately, the causes of snoring range from bedroom dust mites to obstructive sleep apnea. We’re going to discuss several important pre-bed changes you can make and, if those prove futile, we’ll point you to the perfect mattress that can dramatically improve your health and reduce that nightly noise level. Before we dive into how your mattress can assist, we need to investigate whether the snoring began for another reason.

Sleep Apnea

Through this self-test, make certain that you are not afflicted by sleep apnea. You may be suffering from a very serious condition that temporarily stops your breathing, cuts off oxygen and leads to numerous long-term health problems. If you cannot absolutely rule this out, please visit your doctor and consider an oximetry—an in-home sleep test to gauge oxygen levels during sleep.


With that written-off, you may be suffering from allergy-induced congestion. The mucus blocks your nasal passages, inhibits proper breathing, and, perhaps worst of all, compounds the snoring sound with gooey nasal inhales. For this, we highly recommend a mattress encasement to barricade against dust mites and common allergen buildup in your bed.

Ortho Mattress Encasement

Genetic Factors

With allergies in check, various genetic factors, including obesity, pregnancy or enlarged throat glands, may at work in your snoring.  These can weigh down your throat and, similar to apnea, prevent clear air passage and healthy breathing.

If you’ve identified one of these causes, or even none at all, changing your sleep position can make all the difference. Back sleepers tend to be more susceptible to snoring—due to the neck weight on the throat and the post-nasal drip blockage. By changing your sleep position—which certainly isn’t easy—to side sleeping, you can dramatically improve your breathing and get uninterrupted sleep. As you make that transition to side sleeping, you should consider making a change to a softer mattress with a memory foam top layer. This will help keep your back aligned and provide pressure relief and stability around your neck.

The Beds

The Eclipse Luxury Firm and Continental Plush both help promote side sleeping with top layers of memory foam made from CERTIPUR foam, which mitigates the chances for nightly allergens. The softer comfort feel allows your shoulders and hips to properly sink into the mattress. These mattresses also provide enough to help keep your head elevated and open up your airways. In short, these choices nudge the sleeper toward the overarching goal of sleeping on your side and opening up your airways to relieve snoring symptoms and sounds.

The ECLIPSE LUXURY FIRM, memory foam, brings you a medium feel with a SOLIDSTATE™ Core Support foam, which enhances body support and creates a motion-free sleeping environment, helping you stay in that side position through the evening.
The CONTINENTAL PLUSH, a hybrid, is a great alternative for sleepers who don’t prefer the feel of a complete memory foam mattress. You will still get the benefits and pressure relief of a memory foam with the bounce and feel of a traditional innerspring.

And finally, we bring you snoring’s ultimate foe: The Adjustable Base. If you do not wish, or simply cannot, change sleeping positions, consider elevating your head with an adjustable base. For the most ergonomic sleep position, doctors advise an elevated head and heart. This increases blood flow throughout the evening, reduces weight pressure on your airways and helps reduce Sleep Apnea. This alternative has seen burgeoning popularity over the last few years, as customers immediately feel the sleep and health benefits from a head-and-feet-raised sleep.

The BEST part? You can still sleep flat. A split adjustable base lets your sleeping neighbor raise his  head while you stay perfectly flat. Don’t change for him. Just change the foundation.

Split-Adjustable Base
  • Split-Adjustable Base
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