The essential three steps to finding the best bed for you.

By: JLong | February 6, 2020

The time has finally come for a new bed—or more importantly—a good night’s sleep. Finding a mattress is a dimly understood process that can quickly mutate into an extremely complex and mind-numbing odyssey. Even now, you’re staring at your screen wondering which of these white rectangles is for you? This article aims to provide you with a crash course in sleep shopping, a travel guide into the often-overwhelming mattress store experience, and a comforting voice to shepherd you past the trappings of online scams. A mattress should not be an impulse buy, stuffed under sheets, and forgotten. Your bed can be a relieving exhale at the end of your day and the jumpstart at the beginning of your day. We’ve been doling out the same advice to our friends and family for years now. It’s finally time to hand it off to you as well. (and also so our friends can stop pestering us.)

First off, if you hate the bed in the store, you’re not going to like it at home either. This is a big purchase and deserves your time and attention. You wouldn’t buy your home on the Internet. Nor a pet. Nor refrigerators or cars. There’s a specific and personal touch that comes with certain purchases that photos or explanations cannot satiate. You need to sit in a home and imagine your life under the roof. A new dog needs to be held. A car needs a test drive. A mattress, all the same, needs to be laid on—even if just for fifteen minutes. With a mattress, your gut will have just as much an opinion as your brain. Try it out. Go on a couple dates before you invite it into your home.

Remember you’ll be spending a third of your life on this purchase. Each minor difference is important and we are here to hold your hand through the process. This is going to be a subjective experience and we really encourage you to embrace that reality. Don’t shy away from it. There isn’t a checklist or BuzzFeed survey that will make your choice. If you want to be happy with your bed, you need to try it out. You want to know you got what you paid for. Even an online how-to-guide will not be able to find the perfect mattress. This is just a map. It’s you who will have to dig up the treasure.

Here are the steps:

  1. Do Your Researchyou’re here, so you are on the right track. Hopefully, by the time you buy, you’re a tiny expert on your bed and all its ingredients.


Before visiting a store and laying on a bed, we want you to have a basic understanding of the mattress industry, so you can look in the right places and ask the right questions. First, let’s review the four key areas to consider before buying: size, type, feel and price.


When comparing different bed sizes, always remember: A Queen is a Queen is a Queen. The titular sizes will always have the same measurements no matter the place you’re shopping. Take a long look at these dimensions. Measure your room. Measure your current bed. Have an idea for the size bed that would work best in your available space. Your child may be a twin-size now, but they may grow into a full during the bed’s ten-year lifespan. Is there enough room for me to get out of bed? To walk around my bedroom and access my side tables?


At Ortho Mattress, we only sell any beds we believe in, and absolutely trust will provide you with a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep. While certain mattresses will be optimal for certain sleepers and body ailments, the type of mattress will largely depend on your personal preference.

As you read into each type of support system, keep in mind the importance of a comfort test. Each support system will each feel and sleep very differently. Ortho wants you to make your decision based on feel, not on marketing. From an industry standpoint, over 50% of the marketplace still chooses the innerspring structural makeup of a mattress.


The coil mattress brings you a more “traditional bed-feeling” with cutting-edge technology support. This isn’t your grandfather’s spring mattress. Frankly, it’s not even your slightly older friend’s spring mattress. Only fifteen years ago, the majority of mattresses would have had a Bonnell-coil spring—a slab of wires knotted or wrapped around the thick rectangular metal frame. The ”comfort-boom” (as we like to call it) ushered in a new era of coil mattresses featuring more durable individually pocketed, high-quality steel spring mattresses became ubiquitous, allowing for a more personalized sleep system. Most modern innerspring mattresses will be topped with a layer of foam to improve comfort. Even with the foam layers, these beds still maintain that traditional ‘bed-bounce’.

As you read into each type of support system, keep in mind the importance of a comfort test. Each support system will each feel and sleep very differently. Ortho wants you to make your decision based on feel, not on marketing. From an industry standpoint, over 50% of the marketplace still chooses the innerspring structural makeup of a mattress.

Memory Foam

In 1966, on the heels of the moon landing, NASA commissioned the creation of Temper foam to absorb shock and, consequently, improve comfort and protection in NASA’s airplane seats. However, its contemporary spin-off, memory foam, continues to be utilized in various industries from prosthetics to amusement parks to mattresses. Furthermore, this modern foam has been designed to relieve pressure, increase durability and has all but eliminated partner disturbance. While most modern innerspring mattresses contain a top layer of memory foam, a memory foam mattress as a specific type is made entirely of foam, with memory foam occupying the top layer. The memory foam is sewed or glued atop various denser foams, which provide the required deep lumbar support.


The bouncier foam. Latex foam and memory foam are both popular, but they feel very different. Latex foam maintains that traditional bed bounce and elasticity but does not sacrifice support or comfort. Latex foams come in natural or synthetic varieties, with natural latex typically costing about twice as much. Keep in mind that many Latex beds will also have layers of memory foam—because the rarely manufactured is uncomfortable, stiff and gimmicky. At Ortho, we have found that Goldilocks, sweet sleep spot.


The best of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses combine two or more mattress types, usually a memory or latex foam layer on top of an innerspring core. By combining two mattress types, hybrid mattresses can provide the pressure relief of memory or latex foam, while keeping the traditional feel of a spring mattress. Modern hybrids allow you to sleep directly on high-performance foams, without a quilted mattress top.


When you come in, our sleep specialists are going to talk to you about our feel scale. Each bed will have a specifically-designed comfort layer on the top of the deeper support system. This ranges from a quarter-inch foam to a four-inch pillow top.

Wow. That’s a lot to take in. With great choice comes great responsibility. This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of a comfort test. While certain sleepers—back, stomach, or side—typically favor or require certain comfort levels, your individual preference remains the most vital criteria. You can never know whether you’ll love it until you, as you guessed, feel it.

While back sleepers with pre-existing back problems may require a firmer mattress, don’t be afraid of a softer bed. We’ve all slept on that old bunk bed or campground air mattress. Never underestimate comfort’s role in sleeping well. On the other hand, a side-sleeper, which constitutes 74% of people, requires a layer of cushion to keep your spine aligned. Anything too firm will push up your hips and shoulder, misaligning your back and cutting off blood circulation. Or if you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll probably require a Goldilocks balance between soft and firm.









Why is there a huge price difference between two, seemingly similar beds? The price gap starts with the ingredients. Even with the same recipe, gas station pizza cannot compare to a family restaurant in Sicily. However, at Ortho, all our beds are factory direct straight from La Mirada, California—cutting out the middleman and passing along that wholesale price right onto you. Year after year, our cutting-edge research, design and engineering teams continue to generate breakthrough innovations that advance mattress science. In short, we have the best cooks with the best ingredients.

Other retailers need to slap high mark-ups on their beds, whereas Ortho delivers your mattress straight after being manufactured. Hot off the press. Be sure to keep in mind where your mattress comes from, just as much as what’s inside.

Determine a budget. It is never any fun to pick a mattress that is too expensive or out of your budget. Before coming in, decide on a price range that you are willing to spend on a new bed. This way you can help guide your sleep specialist in the store.

We offer financing options that allow you to invest in your sleep. This is a big purchase. We are sensitive to that and want to help you choose the perfect bed for you. Our financing plans allow you to sleep on your bed that night, put your purchase over 60 months, and not pay a cent of interest. Additionally, we offer 2 non-credit check financing options, 90 days same as cash.



Prior to setting foot in our mattress showrooms, each member of our Ortho family is put through a rigorous one-month “Ortho Mattress Academy”—or as we call it, sleep boot camp. Our specialists graduate with the premier minds in sleep. After you’ve done all your preliminary research, come on into a store and talk with one of our well-versed, smiling specialists. While internet retailers can only talk in the abstract, our sleep specialists will tailor your mattress tour to your needs, body, and preferences.


During work hours, on our website homepage, you can talk with a real sleep specialist—not an automated chatbot. Our specialists are waiting in mattress stores across California to answer and address all your concerns. We encourage and eagerly await all of your questions, and all from the comfort of your own living room.


You. You’re the final expert you need to consult. Sit down and have a chat with yourself. Then repeat with your partner. Are you a side sleeper? Back sleeper? What are you looking for? Is this a one-year apartment, or are you replacing that old mattress for the years to come? Is there a specific reason for changing? What have you been sleeping on? What brand? Have you slept in a hotel bed that you loved? Are there physical ailments? Do you toss and turn? Snore? Get hot when you sleep? Come in with a comfort level, type, and budget in mind.



With 63 convenient locations in Southern California, we cannot stress enough how important it is to test a bed before you make your final purchase. This should be a deeply personal, feel in the gut, decision. The range of mattress options can be overwhelming, and without a proper assessment and personal test, you almost certainly will make the wrong decision. And this is a decision you’ll have to sleep on for the next ten years.

The Ortho shopping experience focuses on this comfort test where a specialist will show you the range of feels. With mattresses, there is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s vital that you come in, discuss your preferences with an expert, and lay on two choices for ten to fifteen minutes. When that bed arrives at your home and you lay down, you can sleep easy knowing that it’s the perfect bed for you.


Dining on room service pancakes in sweatpants. Pepperoni pizza on the sofa. Those chocolates that your grandma would send every year right before Christmas. We get it. The sweet convenience of delivery without having to leave your home. Or maybe you just don’t live near one of our Ortho locations. Fortunately, it can all come to you. We have several mattress options that can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the nation–without sacrificing quality.


Ortho mattress tailors your bed options to your preferences and lets you make your decision based on feel. Compared to our competition, you have the most options and you can rest assured you’re getting a bed you’ll love. When you choose Ortho, our delivery guys will stop by your home, set up your new bed and remove that old, rotting mattress. It’s all included in the price and it can all happen the same day you visit the store. Our Same Day Delivery option is faster than almost everyone else out there.


Even after buying a brand new mattress, it’s going to feel strange. Your body needs time to familiarize and adapt to a new resting place. There’s a chance you love it in the store, but perhaps want to make a comfort adjustment after a month. We’ve got you covered, with a 60 day Comfort Guarantee. Sleep easy. Know that you’ve got time to be certain this is the perfect bed for you.


If the mattress is our main dish, the pillows, adjustable bases and other bed additions are the side dishes that make your meal complete. They can make or break your eating experience. A bad pillow can stiffen your neck and an adjustable base can eliminate your partner’s snoring. For more information, check out our five bed accessories to improve your night’s sleep. These need to be paired with the right mattress so try them along with your bed to optimize your sleep system.

You made it through! Some say dream big. We say dream bed. You’re on the best path to getting a good night’s sleep. In 1967, Ortho mattress opened its doors to Southern California. Even as technology evolves advanced and peers move online, Ortho still holds the values of its roots and continues to be a family-owned business that prioritizes comfort and customer relationships. We love getting a good night’s sleep and pride ourselves on finding the bed that will you give you one too. After doing your homework, come into the store and let’s get you sleeping the right way.

Don’t just follow your dreams, reach out and sleep on them.

1 In truth, California King’s are four inches longer, but a King—or an Eastern King—have four inches more width. If you are sleeping with a partner, maybe that extra space to toss and turn is more important than the leg room.
2 This myth originated from the mid-2000s meteoric rise of Tempur-Pedic, and it has some truth. Your body heat gets trapped in the foam over the course of the night and, in other brands, will certainly increase temperature. Over the past ten years, Ortho has introduced its own brand of Avant Memory Foam mattress with Cool Quilt and Mesh borders. Ortho’s revolutionary CoolQuilt™ Mattress has a high-tech fabric that stays cool to the touch throughout the night, for a cooler sleep environment. The Mesh borders allow for that body heat to escape—assisting in nightly ventilation and mitigating temperature gain. It’s like sleeping on the other side of the pillow!
3 The age of throwing out your back, shouting at your partner and slaving over the dreaded mattress flip is over. Mattress’ have too much technology and personalized detail now. The top side of your mattress will be specifically layered and designed to provide the optimal support and comfort. Placing the same materials on the bottom of the mattress would sacrifice sleep. We don’t want you missing a wink. Rotate, don’t flip.