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Ortho Mattress is the Leading Mattress Retailer with the most locations in Southern California, over 65 locations. Stores are located from Santa Barbara to San Diego, including the Inland Empire, and growing:


Summary of Operations:
Ortho Mattress is the local leader in the combination of mattress retail and manufacture in Southern California. Operating over 65 stores from Santa Barbara to San Diego


Market Requirements:
Ortho Mattress is looking for high profile urban and suburban locations with household incomes above $70k. Sites are ideally located at highly trafficked signalized intersections with convenient access and high visibility. Preferred retail generators include; Mattress, Furniture, Home Improvement and Warehouse Club.


Site Criteria:
Retail - ±3,000 to ±10,000 SF
Light Industrial - ±10,000 to ±20,000 SF


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Please contact John Pak with any Landlord/Tenant Concerns:
P: (562) 865-6007 x 2240