No matter your sleep style, Ortho’s always on your side

By: JLong | February 6, 2020

Quick Quiz:

  • When you reach for the alarm clock in the morning,
  • do you see this?

If so, we’re willing to wager that you’re a side sleeper. Resting on one’s side might be a source of pride—the sleep position harkens back to the comforts of the womb and it’s been known to reduce snoring.

However, as common as it is to rest in this position, many side sleepers still find themselves experiencing discomfort and pain. On an unbefitting mattress, side sleepers may experience difficulty breathing plus pain across their hips, shoulders, neck, and back. Luckily, Ortho is on your side, and we’re here to help find the perfect bed for all you snoreless snoozers.

Why Can Side Sleeping Cause Discomfort?

First, it’s important to take a look at your posture while sleeping in this position. If you find yourself bending every which way, consider straightening out to avoid straining your spine. And as comforting as it may be to sleep in fetal position, do take note that it puts pressure on the diaphragm and lungs, which can shorten your breath.

As far as the mattress part of this equation, pressure points across the side of the body become vulnerable at their contact with the bed. On a mattress that doesn’t provide enough support, side sleepers will find their hips and shoulder areas sinking into the bed, thus creating an unnatural curve in the body that results in pain. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm may not be kind to those hips and shoulders, prompting misalignment that often results in soreness. The key for side sleepers is neither an oxymoron nor a paradox, but an Ortho Mattress philosophy: gentle support.

The Best Type of Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Most people think that a mattress is a mattress is a mattress. One type fits all. We believe, however, that your sleep style informs what mattress type might be best for you. Ortho offers an array of beds that suit side sleepers.

A side sleeper needs a mattress surface to have some give. We find that a softer mattress provides optimal comfort, allowing for the body’s natural contours to be gently supported. A softer quality will help the side sleeper’s hips and shoulders—the main pressure points for side sleepers—maintain proper alignment. Mattresses that feature memory foam are highly recommended for side sleepers, as this foam offers comfort on pressure points while adapting to the contours of the body that occur in this position.

If you’d still prefer a more traditional feel, consider resting your sleepy side on an innerspring mattress. Our selection trades in old coil patterns for advanced spring technology, which distributes weight across the bed more evenly, resulting in the best support you can experience. And since side sleeper bodies are happiest when enveloped by a softer cushier surface, you can choose a pillow top innerspring if you’re not a fan of the foam feel.

Can’t decide? Go for a hybrid mattress that takes advantage of both. Offering the comfort and pressure relief of foam, while incorporating the zone support of innerspring coil technology, a hybrid mattress offers a happy medium. And you know what they say (by they we mean the koala captains at Ortho): a happy medium equals a happy sleep!

At the end of the day, each of these options provides a distinct feel, and it is up to your personal preferences to determine an ideal match. Check out our Firmness Scale, or visit one of our showrooms, to try out the bed that’s right for you.


Mattress Image

Club Signature Pillow Top 

With its excellent independent coil configuration, our SOLIDSTATE™ Edge Support, and a layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam, this mattress provides resilience and comfort for side sleeper pressure points. Your hips andshoulders will appreciate the kindness this bed offers.


Mattress Image

Pembridge Plus NanoThe 1,386 individually wrapped nano-coils create this bed’s highly adaptive and responsive feel. That plethora of springs help reduce motion transfer, so you can enjoy side sleeper slumber while your partner tosses and turns. A layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam adds comfort while the Tencel Cover fabric promotes cooler sleep.


Mattress Image

Lansdowne Luxury Box Top  A top choice from our Reserve Collection, this mattress features the strength of an innerspring core, the contoured support of responsive foam, and the pliable comfort of a pillow top. It features many of our most advanced proprietary materials: Avant Latex Foam, CertiPUR environmentally sensitive foam, Ortho-Enhanced Support to minimize motion transfer, and CoolQuilt™ Fabric that helps dissipate sleep. Side sleeper nirvana.