At Ortho, we’ve got your back.

By: JLong | February 6, 2020

Is your alarm clock the dog licking your nose first thing in the morning? Is your arm bruised from receiving punches from your significant other trying to stop you from snoring? Do you have ziggurat hair when you get out of bed?

If any of these very human circumstances befall you, then there’s an excellent chance you’re a back sleeper. And guess what? You’re in luck–this style of sleep is actually the best one for your overall health. But if you’re wondering which is the best bed for the best position, have no fear—Ortho’s got your back.

Why Back Sleeping is Great for You

When you sleep facing up at the heavens, your body is graced with the blessing of achieving complete and utter peace. Since you’re not forcing any bending or curvature, pressure points remain safe and the spine rests on neutral position. In other words, your body gets to rest as easily you are, which means back sleepers usually experience fewer instances of back and neck pain that may occur in other sleeping positions. It doesn’t end here though.

Have you been searching far and wide, hither and thither, up and down, for the secret to beauty sleep? Well, we’ve finally discovered it for you: back sleeping. An easy step to your nightly skincare routine, sleeping in this position minimizes the possibility of wrinkles, owing to the fact that your face gets to breathe instead of being pressed against the pillow.

The only downside to sleeping on your back is the possibility of increased snoring, due to the base of your tongue inhibiting the airways in this position. However, this can be easily remedied by adding an adjustable base to the bed so your head can be raised higher. No more snore slaps from your significant other!

The Best Mattress Types for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers have ample choices for finding a bed that’s uniquely suited to their sleeping style. Generally, we find that a back sleeper enjoys a firmer mattress for sufficient body alignment and lumbar support.  A firm innerspring mattress with advanced coil technology will do just the job. Our pocketed coils offer the support required to elevate your body to its proper stance, while also delivering pressure relief.

If you’d prefer something with more cushion, a mattress layered with NASA-engineered memory foam or latex will fulfill your comfort needs, while also maintaining a neutral shape for your body with their conforming qualities.

We get it. You’re a back sleeper. Neutrality is your thing. In this case, a mattress layered with NASA-engineered memory foam or latex foam will fulfill your comfort needs, while also maintaining a neutral shape for your body with the conforming qualities of foam. Offering the supreme comfort levels of foam, while incorporating the zone support of innerspring coil technology, a hybrid mattress will allow you to wake up ready to peace-make.

At the end of the day, each of these options provides a distinct feel, and it is up to your personal preferences to determine an ideal match. Check out our Firmness Scale, or visit one of our showrooms, to try out the bed that’s right for you.


Mattress Image

Pembridge Firm

The firmest mattress in our Reserve Collection, this bed features Ortho Enhanced 360° Support Coils and Gel-Infused Memory Foam, creating a firm yet forgiving feel that promotes back sleeper slumber.


Mattress Image

Entice Firm

Back sleepers will enjoy luxurious firmness on this mattress through a combination of our own Avant Latex Foam, our Avant Memory Foam, and our Soft-Touch hand-nested coils. All of these goodies come wrapped in Ortho’s aromatherapeutic Entice fabric that encourages romance and relaxation.


Mattress Image

Lansdowne Extra Firm

Ideal for back sleepers seeking innerspring firmitude™ with body-contouring foam forgiveness, this mattress features High-Density Avant Foam, Dunlop Latex, and Ortho-Enhanced Zone Support. Sitting atop this recipe for back sleeping nirvana is our CoolQuilt™ fabric that fosters a cooler sleep environment.